I love Epicure first because it is a local company.  Then I love it because it really is clean, healthy, EASY meal ideas!  I found with buying traditional spices, they often don't only have 'Pickling Spice' in them.  With Epicure , if you order the 3 onion dip, all you get are the ingredients to make the 3 onion dip, no fillers or nasty long worded additives!

I joined Epicure to fill up some time in my day while my kids are in school.  It also gives me an excuse to go out and socialize with other people a couple times a week :)  Actually earning money is an added bonus!

No more stressful mealtimes.  Means a happy Mommy even at the end of the day.  Clean up is a breeze.  Earning a bit more also helps my family as well.